Alexander S. Findlay


It’s not jumping the gun if I have ‘mostly’ finished the epilogue. In my opinion, the blurb is one of the most important parts of the marketing process and how one pitches one’s work. What do you think of my blurb below? Would it hook you? Bear in mind that these are still the early days and the content is likely to change. Nevertheless, unlike the free stock image of this post… Read More

Please go ahead and escape from the world as we know it for short while by clicking on either of the above links and choosing your download in either .epub or .pdf format.

In my humble opinion, beta reading is a highly important phase of the editing process and one which cannot be overlooked. There are numerous benefits by having others read your work for you – provided that they are honest and critical. I have asked my diverse crew to be as brutal as they need to be, but I am also interested in hearing which scenes or characters spoke to them the most… Read More