Alexander S. Findlay


In my humble opinion, beta reading is a highly important phase of the editing process and one which cannot be overlooked. There are numerous benefits by having others read your work for you – provided that they are honest and critical. I have asked my diverse crew to be as brutal as they need to be, but I am also interested in hearing which scenes or characters spoke to them the most… Read More

The blurb is my chance to introduce my story to the world in writing. It is so so so important and I must confess that it was probably the last thing on my mind regarding my novella, “The Redemption of Anair” This is not meant to be an afterthought, as it is an essential piece of marketing, but perhaps for me, it was. I felt that I needed a story to blurb… Read More

It is an essential element to helping readers of a fantasy novel ground themselves in a new world – or so I am inclined. When it comes to choosing media design for a project which I am passionate about; there was not question that I would need an artist who appreciates the genre. I searched, I scoured and I scrutinized until I came across Sarah Evelyn Art. Alas, I will only be… Read More

There is NO WAY that one can hope to self-publish a piece of writing without the support of a capable editor! Even if one wishes to submit a manuscript to a publisher, it is totally worth investing in an editor to go over your work one way or another. I have chosen an incredibly capable and patient editor. My first draft was submitted chapter by chapter and it passed between us until… Read More

I cannot think of anybody who has ever read my work, or any posts pertaining to it, that would honestly think that I would write a simple villain. Some magical dark-overlord type who strikes fear into the hearts of his / her enemies, perhaps? Indeed, there are a few of those who pop up in the story line from time but I find them hard to empathise with. I actually prefer characters… Read More

[Old Post] Well, it is a slow process, considering that I work full time and dad full time. That said, creative writing is a wonderful form of recreation. I have pretty much gone over the edited version of the second of three parts. Soon I am going to have to look for Beta Readers and assemble a capable launch team. In this excerpt, I am going to share a battle scene from… Read More

[Old Post] “The Redemption of Anaìr” has progressed since its previous publication as a short story. I have found an editor for copy editing and proofreading and am currently negotiating prices with a fantasy cartographer. Why am I paying for this instead of submitting it to a publisher for approval first? Well, novellas (between 10,000 words and 40,000 words) are a bit harder to impress upon publishers than novels due to their… Read More

[OLD POST] I do not think that the question is: “Will it ever happen?” but “When?” I for one, am comfortably mired in the “How” of my Novella, “The Redemption of Anaìr.” I had printed out the rough draft a few weeks ago, but upon reflection found it to be quite a haphazardly structured collection of junk which I could not attach my name to. At present, I am drawing a close… Read More

This post is an introduction to my website as an author. I have recently pulled a historical fiction novelette of mine from a publisher and am in the finishing stages of a fantasy novella. The time has come to place my writing blogs and any updates related to my publications on a separate website. is still active and I am posting fairly frequently regarding my photographic exploits and endeavours, having now… Read More