Alexander S. Findlay


It is an essential element to helping readers of a fantasy novel ground themselves in a new world – or so I am inclined. When it comes to choosing media design for a project which I am passionate about; there was not question that I would need an artist who appreciates the genre. I searched, I scoured and I scrutinized until I came across Sarah Evelyn Art. Alas, I will only be… Read More

There is NO WAY that one can hope to self-publish a piece of writing without the support of a capable editor! Even if one wishes to submit a manuscript to a publisher, it is totally worth investing in an editor to go over your work one way or another. I have chosen an incredibly capable and patient editor. My first draft was submitted chapter by chapter and it passed between us until… Read More

I cannot think of anybody who has ever read my work, or any posts pertaining to it, that would honestly think that I would write a simple villain. Some magical dark-overlord type who strikes fear into the hearts of his / her enemies, perhaps? Indeed, there are a few of those who pop up in the story line from time but I find them hard to empathise with. I actually prefer characters… Read More

[Old Post] Well, it is a slow process, considering that I work full time and dad full time. That said, creative writing is a wonderful form of recreation. I have pretty much gone over the edited version of the second of three parts. Soon I am going to have to look for Beta Readers and assemble a capable launch team. In this excerpt, I am going to share a battle scene from… Read More

[Old Post] “The Redemption of Anaìr” has progressed since its previous publication as a short story. I have found an editor for copy editing and proofreading and am currently negotiating prices with a fantasy cartographer. Why am I paying for this instead of submitting it to a publisher for approval first? Well, novellas (between 10,000 words and 40,000 words) are a bit harder to impress upon publishers than novels due to their… Read More

[OLD POST] I do not think that the question is: “Will it ever happen?” but “When?” I for one, am comfortably mired in the “How” of my Novella, “The Redemption of Anaìr.” I had printed out the rough draft a few weeks ago, but upon reflection found it to be quite a haphazardly structured collection of junk which I could not attach my name to. At present, I am drawing a close… Read More