Editing – Part 1

There is NO WAY that one can hope to self-publish a piece of writing without the support of a capable editor! Even if one wishes to submit a manuscript to a publisher, it is totally worth investing in an editor to go over your work one way or another.

I have chosen an incredibly capable and patient editor. My first draft was submitted chapter by chapter and it passed between us until I was satisfied that draft 2 was something – if a little rough around the edges – which I could show to other people (beta readers – which I will cover later) for mild burn, if not a baptism of fire by the readership and the reviewers.

Casey Fenich of Thoth Editing gets my vote for a number of reasons:

  1. Casey is Thorough – No stones were left un-turned in my manuscript; aspects of proofreading, bits which were inconsistent or didn’t flow, they all got marked and received a comment.
  2. Patience – This is my first novella, so I bombarded the poor editor with questions at the beginning. Still do sometimes…
  3. Great Business Etiquette – It makes life easier to deal with somebody who is polite, prompt and to the point.
  4. Good Grasp of the Story – It helps when the editor also understands the genre and also the nuances of the sub-genre. This means that my editor understands the tone of the narrative and the message(s) and feelings which I am trying to convey
  5. Communication – It is really important to have clear communication with one’s editor. I am more than satisfied with the way Casey explains changes and suggestions to certain aspects of the story.
  6. Affordable – I find Thoth Editing to be reasonably priced in their services.

This praise list can go on and on but I definitely recommend Thoth Editing, it is an amazing thing to see one’s manuscript brought to life and honed into a more concise story.

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