Progress on the Novella

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“The Redemption of Anaìr” has progressed since its previous publication as a short story.

I have found an editor for copy editing and proofreading and am currently negotiating prices with a fantasy cartographer.

Why am I paying for this instead of submitting it to a publisher for approval first?

  1. Well, novellas (between 10,000 words and 40,000 words) are a bit harder to impress upon publishers than novels due to their shorter length. I am looking into a series of novellas, based in the same fantasy setting, which focus on aspects of character development as well as plot twists. Works which a reader should be able to finish within two or three sittings – max!
  2. Because novels usually sell for more money, I would prefer to keep my returns on my novellas and reinvest the earnings into the next project. Now, I may sound confident in the story’s ability to sell itself and achieve positive reviews, but this is justifiable as I have had nothing but positive feedback since the publication of “TROA” as a short story – so I decided to go for it!
  3. It is actually a lot of fun!

Please enjoy an excerpt from one of the early scenes:

“And you are going to request to be discharged, I assume? To state before this council that you do not wish this honour and are unworthy?” Dorian enquired.       

Anaìr stared into the fire, his mind drifted to his last meeting with his father. The aging patriarch had stood at his door, requesting permission to enter the property of another citizen–a mark of respect coming from a parent–an acknowledgement of one’s independence and responsibility, despite Anaìr not having started his own household with a woman.

The two men had whiled the afternoon away over herrif and ale, as if the past was irrelevant and their shared history no longer held up any barriers between them. Anaìr remembered looking at someone who could almost be his twin, just shorter and thinner with age, the blond hair having turned to grey.

When the day had darkened, Aed had begun to open himself up about his marriage to his estranged wife, Lysa. He had beseeched Anaìr–not as a father to a son, but more in the manner of one man to another, to see things from his mother’s perspective and perhaps even one day, to find it within himself to forgive her. Anaìr had tried to smile then, but he couldn’t. Instead, had excused himself to prepare dinner. It was no longer a surprise to Anaìr, now that that meeting had occurred between the two of them. Aed was far more akin to his younger son than he was to his other two children – not only in looks, but also in personality and temperament, among other traits. Instead of the fireplace into which he was staring, Anaìr could almost see the Torgayl patriarch mounted on his horse at the garden gate again, ready to depart after his two-day sojourn. His father had looked down at him with a slight smile, shaking his head, almost beaming with a restrained pride:

“Ah my boy, such a fine Torgayl you are! For all of your sins and controversy, you have succeeded in achieving within you this… this harmony of beauty and strength, which so few have ever managed to amend within themselves! My son…”

Aed had clucked at his steed and dug his heels into the flanks of his mount. And then just like that he was gone, trotting down the cobbled lane on his mount as he vanished from sight, leaving his son all alone.

“No, I will not,” Anaìr said softly after a while. The wound of his father’s death still causing his soul to bleed.

“Will not what, Anaìr? Become a Warden?” Asked Dorian

“I will not refuse an ordainment if it is offered to me,” Anaìr answered softly.

(C) Alexander S. Findlay – Author

Hope that you enjoyed it! It is not from the final copy and I intend to keep my readers posted with teasers as I progress 🙂

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